Oak Creek Miniature Donkeys



We have a small herd of AMDS Miniature Donkeys.  Our specialty will be blacks and black and whites in all miniature sizes, however we will have other colors too! The ADMS requires fewer letters for farm prefixes so I will not be using my Miniature Horses farm name. The farm name for the Miniature Donkeys is:

Oak Creek Miniature Donkeys

Storylands Patsy

True Black/White Spotted Jennet

Registration MDR #72053

DOB: 07/22/20

Height: 25.50

They say dynamite comes in a small package - here she is! Patsy's color explodes with contrast, she has a baby doll personality. You just can't go wrong with this beautiful jenny.


SFM Ace aka Ace

Ace is an adorable Black NLP jack.

Registration # 18056

DOB: March 28th, 2022

For Sale - $ 2500.00

Chapel Hill's BJ

Black Micro Jack, No visible cross

Registration # 69392

DOB: September 28th, 2016

Height: 28.50 inches

Cyder's Miss Kitty Hawk

Very Dark Brown, NLP Jenny

Registration # 70518

DOB: June 29th, 2018

Miss Kitty is in foal to a little black n white spotted Jack and is due some time soon! I'm excited

 Oakwood Farm's Crowlina aka Lina

Black Jenny

Registration # 68699

DOB: August 10th, 2017

Lina is in foal to BJ and should have a gorgeous little black baby this winter.

Lil Darlin Black Silk Stockin aka Fancy

Black & White Spotted Jenny, No VisibleCross

Registration #71970

DOB: December 5th, 2021

Black & White Spotted Jennet

Prairie Farm Maybelline aka Maybelline

Chocolate Jenny

Registration # 70028

DOB:  April 28th, 2017 

Maybelline is bred to my registered 30 inch Spotted Jack

UPDATE:  Maybelline had a adorable charcoal colored NLP jack on 10-26-22. Photos and video available.

Sale Pending on Zippy

Donkette Korral Teeter Totter aka Teeter

Light Brown/Gray & White Spotted Jack

Registration # 68554

DOB: May 2012

Teeter is just the sweetest and gentlest jack in the history of donkeys. I adore this boy and can't wait to breed him to a few of my girls next spring.

Coco, jennet 

Chocolate with Sorrel points.

Coco Registration # pending

DOB: June 15th, 2015

Coco is a beautiful jennet and is due next spring from a nice red jack. 


Penelope is a light sorrel jennet.

DOB: February 25, 2022

Registration # pending

This sweet little girl is just the best little jennet. She is ok with just about anything. I can't wait to see what she produces once she is grown.


Registration # pending

DOB: 06-15-2020

2020 Gray/Brown and White Jennet

This pretty girl will be meeting BJ very soon.

 Meadowbrook Farm  Dolly

 Registration # 69428

 DOB: April 20th, 2018

 2018 Gray/Brown Spotted Jennet

Dolly will be meeting BJ very soon.

Useful Information and Links for Donkeys

Donkeys should not be fed like a horse. Google Care and Maintenance before feeding your animals. 

Do NOT Separate bonded pairs, many will just die if you do.


How to get a donkey in a trailer!


Do and Don'ts for Donkeys


1. A donkey is stronger than a horse of the same size

2. Donkeys can see all four of their feet at the same time

3. Donkeys can vary hugely in size, from 24 inches to 68 inches tall (Micro, Mini, Standard & Mammoth)

4. A donkey's bray can carry up to 60 miles in the desert

5. Donkeys have incredibly efficient digestive systems, utilising 95% of what they eat

6. Donkeys don't like being in the rain for long periods as their fur is not waterproof

7. Donkeys have been used as working animals for at least 5,000 years and they are still a lifeline to families in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and South America

8. Healthy donkeys can live well into their 50s

9. A blind donkey will often bond with a seeing donkey who will act as their guide

10. Donkeys can be a calming influence on other animals

11. Donkeys are very clever with a keen sense of curiosity

12. Donkeys are not stubborn but can be reluctant to do anything that might be unsafe - they consider situations before deciding what to do

13. Donkeys are extremely nimble and can cross tricky terrain

14. Donkeys are very sociable and form strong bonds - you will often see pairs of best friends within a herd

15. Donkeys are different to horses in their physiology, communication, thinking and behaviour - they do their best with other donkeys as companions

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