Oak Creek Miniature Donkeys


 We have a small herd of Miniature Donkey's now. I have Registered donkeys. I may get some unregistered. The ADMS requires fewer letters for farm prefixes so I will not be using my Miniature Horses farm name. The farm name for the Miniature Donkeys is Oak Creek Miniature Donkeys.


Lil Darlin Black Silk Stockin aka Fancy

Registration #71970

DOB: December 5th, 2021

Black & White Spotted Jennet

Sire: N & D's Lonestar Del Rio

Dam: KZ Pri-Mary Colors

Fancy arrived on May 8th, Mother's Day, how fitting and what a sweet soul! Follows me everywhere.

Prairie Farm Maybelline aka Maybelline

Registration # 70028

DOB:  April 28th, 2017

30.5 Inches tall Chocolate Jenny

Maybelline is bred to my registered 30 inch Spotted Jack

Donkette Korral Teeter Totter aka Teeter

Registration # 68554

DOB: May 2012

30.00 Inch @ 7 yrs.

Light Brown/Gray & White Spotted Jack

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