Southern Breezes Shetlands


  Southern Breezes has begun a small program of AMHR/ASPC Shetlands. I am proud to present my Shetlands, they are coming from the top farms such as SMHC, Comfert Shetlands and Silver Meadows. Please look below at my stallion and mares. My program will stay small with foals sold each year.

AMHA: Tuff Rain Wild Bill
AMHR: AE Dark Legacy
ASPC: AE Dark Legacy

2011 Black & White Tovero Stallion

Bill is sired by D & S The Die s Cast (HOF) x AE Devine Design

He was shown and went Top 10 in halter and driving at Nationals a few years back. 
He will be meeting select mares spring of 2020.

Silver Meadows Painted In Chrome
Black & White Frame Pinto Filly

Little Girl is sired by AE Dark Legacy, a very handsome Black Triple Registered Tovero stallion who was bred to Silver Meadows Jet's Jewel. This filly won 3rd in Multi-Color at Nationals in Tulsa, OK in 2017. She was 26 inches tall and 4 months old. She will be a very small AMHR/ASPC mare. I will be breeding her in 2020 to a gorgeous Black Triple Stallion.


Silver Meadows Crystal In Chrome
Black & White Mare

Crystal is sired by AE Dark Legacy, a very handsome Black Tovero who was bred to Silver Meadows Jets Blackberry Wine. She is small and will be bred to a black Triple Stallion in 2020 for a 2021 foal.

For Sale




                                                                          Grahams Little Hoss

                                                 AMHA/AMHR/ASPC Triple Registered Black Stallion

                     Look for him to be bred to my R/ASPC mares in 2020 and maybe even some of the minis.

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