Southern Breezes Miniature Farm


AMHA:  SBMF Going Buggy aka Bug

AMHR:  Southern Breezes Going Buggy

Sire:  CCMF IM Bad To The Bone

Dam:  Mardi Gras Order of Pixie Dust

Test Results: LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1

She is homozygous Black with no silver, no gray.

Height: 31 inches

Bugs Foals:

2017 - Black Fewspot Filly - LP/LP & PATN1

2019 - Black Leopard Filly  - LP & PATN1/PATN1

2022 - Bred to Spartan for a 2022 foal.

Bette Acres Shooting Star aka Lucy


Sire: JTR Royal Galaxy

Dam: Bettes Acres Tuesday Morning

Test Results: LP/N & PATN1/N

Height: 29.75 inches

Lucys Foals: (since I've owned her)

2017 - Sorrel Leopard Colt - LP/N & PATN1/N

2018 - Black Fewspot Filly - LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1

2019 - Black Snowcap Colt - LP/LP

2022 - 

Exposed to Dude for a 2022 foal.

AMHA: SBMF Simply Stunning aka Darlin

AMHR: Southern Breezes Simply Stunning


Sire: A Model Roll The Dice

Dam: Hairicane Daisy Dukes

Test Results are: LP/LP and PATN1/N

Darlins Foals:

2018 - Black Leopard Filly- LP/N & PATN1/PATN1

2020 - Black Leopard Filly - lost in a deadly dystocia.

NFS - Darlin is my driving horse now.

Mardi Gras Order of Pixie Dust aka Pixie


Sire:  Mardi Gras Order of Polka Dots

Dam: Wyatt Oaks Dalila

Test results:  LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1 

She is homozygous Black with no silver and no gray.

Height: 29 inches

Pixies Foals:

 2010 - Black Fewspot Colt - LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1

 2012 - Fewspot Filly

 2013 - Black Fewspot Filly - LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1

 2016 - Black Fewspot Filly - LP/N & PATN1/N

 2018 - Black Fewspot Colt- LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1

 2020 - Black Leopard Colt - LP & PATN1/PATN1

 2022-  Bred to Spartan       - LP & PATN1/PATN1

AMHA: SBMF IMA Miracle aka Munchkin

AMHR: Southern Breezes IMA Miracle aka Munchkin

Sire:  CCMF Cash The Check aka Cash

Dam: Bette Acres Shooting Star aka Lucy

Test Results:  LP/LP & PATN1/PATN1 

Height: 27 inches

NFS to a breeding home. Will sell to the right Therapy group, she is not for breeding. She hasn't the hip for breeding. 

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