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AMHA/AMHR :  Dale Rays Southern Breeze aka Breezy



Breezy is a gorgeous appaloosa bred sorrel mare. Her sire, Redi is a Reserve National Champion in Halter and a Snowflake Sorrel Stallion. He sired many gorgeous foals and now is showing as a gelding on the show circuit. He is truly an outstanding appaloosa that has passed his best onto Breezy. Her dam is the GGGD of Sid's Rebel.

Breezy has had one very handsome fewspot colt in 2017. I sold her and she wasn't bred so now she is home I will probably breed her for the 2021 foaling season.

Breezy tests out LP/N 

For Sale - $ 2800.00 Open, $3500. bred to Cash

Breezys Foals:

2017 - Blk Fewspot Colt - LP/LP & PATN1/N

Elevens Sol Afterglow


DOB:  11/07/2015

Glow is such an ultra refined, very feminine and pretty beautifully put together pinto filly. Her head is gorgeous along with conformation that is hard to beat. She is just outstanding.

Sire: Lombards Redi To Impress

Dam: Scott Creek Monarchs Obsession

Glow was bred to Cash for 2021

For Sale 

$ 2500.00 Bred

Dale Rays Cheerio aka Cheerio


DOB: 03/29/2010

Cheerio is a lovely retired show mare. She is refined, correct, gorgeous head and temperament. She is a Buckeroo Granddaughter along with many other notables.

Sire: Ravenwood Cash Chek or Super- Charge

Dam: Dale Rays Bucks Dreamcatcher   

Cheerios Foals:

2017 - Black Colt - LP/N

2018 - Bay Filly - LP/N 

2021 -                  - LP/N & PATN1/N

She has been bred to Dude for the 2021 foaling season. 

For Sale 

$ 3500.00 bred to Dude. 

AMHA: SBMF Treasure Trove

AMHR: Southern Breezes Treasure Trove 

DOB: April 3rd, 2017 

Treasure is a absolutely beautiful little bay blanketed Pintaloosa filly. With her excellent conformation and movement she is bound to be a winner in the halter ring or driving.

Sire:  CCMF Cash The Check (Fewspot Appaloosa)

Dam: CCMF Bucks Bolero (Bay Sabino)

$ 2500.00 Open



Black Near Fewspot Filly

DOB: Jan. 2018

Kissy is a lovely Black Fewspot filly with a pretty head and correct body.  She tests LP/LP and PATN1/N. I look forward to seeing Kissy grow up and produce beautiful foals for me.

2021 -                        - LP/N & PATN1/?

$ 3500.00 Bred to Spartan for a 2021 foal.

AMHA:  SBMF Butterfly aka Butterfly

AMHR:  Southern Breezes aka Butterfly

Sire:  CCMF Cash The Check aka Cash

Dam:  Dale Rays Cheerio aka Cheerio

Butterfly is just so well put together, beautiful and correct conformation, good bite, short back and sweet personality all in a small package. 

She tests LP/N . She has been coloring out all over for about a year now and hasn't any part of her body that isn't spotted now. I will change her picture when I get a current one. Until then just look at the 2nd picture on the left to understand what I am saying better. 

FOR SALE - $ 2500.00

AMHA/AMHR CCMF Bucks Bolero aka Buffy

DOB: March 12th, 2003

Sire: Magic Mans Top Buck

Dam: Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex

Buffy is a beautiful retired Bay Sabino Pinto show mare who did very well in the ring. She has been having babies since she left.  I purchased her with a Bay Blanketed Pintaloosa filly I named Treasure, at her side. She has had 2 more foals for me also. She has produced Spotted Pintaloosas whenever I breed her that way.

Buffys Foals:

2017 - Bay Pintaloosa Filly - LP/N

2018 - Bay Pintaloosa Filly - LP/N & PATN1/N

2019 - Bay Colt

For Sale - $ 1000.00 Open, $ 1800.00 bred

AMHA/AMHR Century Farms Gabrielle aka Gabby

DOB: April 15th, 2007

Sire: LM Hawks Journey

Dam: Hacketts Tini Super Shady Lady

Gabby is a Black Sabino mare that has the prettiest head with a full blaze. She catches easily and foals easily. She has produced 2 foals for me in the last 2 years. Her current foal has her big blaze face and 4 white stockings.

Buy her and breed her to your Splash stallions. If she stays she will be producing pintaloosas for me.

Gabbys Foals:

2018 - Black Sabino Colt 

2020 - Black Sabino Colt with Blaze & 4 High Whites

For Sale - $ 1500 Open OR $ 2500. bred to Dude

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