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Driving News

AMHA/AMHR: Pleasant Views Simply Irresistible

2014 AMHR National Multi-Color Champion Stallion

2015 AMHR Res. National Multi-Color Champion Stallion

Sire: JNRS Medicine Man

Dam: Cheyanna

Test Results: LP/N and PATN1/N

Height: 33.50 inches

$ 3500.00

Experienced Only

                             Feather just finished 60 days getting a refresher course in driving. He previously was trained and driven about a year before I bought him. I would recommend more training for Feather and with very experienced, if not Amish trainers. He is strong and stubborn and doesn't appear to enjoy it.

Darlin has found a new job outside of the breeding barn. She is now my Driving mare. She is a pleasure and loves her new job. She was trained by Anne Bartley Gordon and loved by all of us. She is such a good mare. Darlin is Not For Sale at this time. Her leopard daughter will be taking her place in the breeding facility after a severe dystocia almost took Darlin's life in 2020. I was able to buy her daughter back and she will be bred this year for a 2023 foal.

AMHA/AMHR:  CCMF Piano Mans Omega aka Omega

Sire: Alliance Piano Man, a 3X World Multi-Color Champion Stallion

Dam: CCMF Carousel Princess, Top 10  

Test Results:  LP/N & PATN1/N

Height: 33 inches

Private Treaty

 Omega is now in training and may show up in the show ring this year......

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