Southern Breezes Miniature Farm


Mardi Gras Order of Pixie Dust aka Pixie


Sire:  Mardi Gras Order of Polka Dots

Dam: Wyatt Oaks Dalila

Pixie is a Black Based Fewspot Mare. Her test results are:  LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1.  So she will  contribute LP and PATN1 100% of the time to every foal she has. She is also a tiny thing measuring 29 inches tall.

She is currently bred to Spartan for a 2020 foal.


Hairicane Rebels Spotted Lily aka Lily


Sire: Lucky Rebels Real McCoy
Dam: Hairicane Lady In Spots

Lily is a lovely small, 30 inch Snowcap Mare. Her test results are: LP/LP which means she will pass on the LP gene 100% of the time to her foals.

Lily is also a Granddaughter of the great Sids Rebel. She was sired by his only appaloosa son, Lucky Four Rebels Real McCoy.  Lily's conformation is correct with a good bite, straight legs, good solid level topline, a neck that goes on forever and a beautiful head.

Lily is bred to Spartan for a 2020 foal.


Southern Breezes China Doll aka Doll


Sire: A Model Roll The Dice

Dam: Shadetree Finest Crystal

Doll is a beautiful small fewspot mare. She has a very nice head, long neck set right where it belongs on her shoulders, good bite, straight legs and nice topline. She is a wonderful little mare.

Doll is bred to Spartan for a 2020 foal.


A Model Indian Love Song aka Teepee


Sire: 3X World Champion Alliance Piano Man

Dam: Crysons Morning Star 

Teepee is a lovely Fewspot with the prettiest head. She is a proven producer and very nice mare.

She will meet either Magic or Looker in Spring 2020.


CCMF Piano Man Times Two aka Pretty


Pretty is a lovely roaning appaloosa that is starting to spot out also. She has a powerhouse pedigree.

Sire: 3X World Champion Alliance Piano Man

Dam: CCMF Whispering Wings

Pretty has been had 2 beautiful colts from Cash in the last 2 years and is currently open.


Appaloosa Fantasy Luv aka Fantasy


Fantasy is just extraordinary! Her color and conformation is correct and sought after. I can't wait for her foals. Fantasy's tests results N/PATN1 - 1 copy of PATN1, 50% of offspring will inherit the modifier mutation.*

Sire:  Toyland Taroco

Dam: Tonkas Tiny Sexy Knickers

Fantasy is a National Champion Multi-Color Mare, Under in Tulsa, OK retiring undefeated in Color after showing 2 full seasons.  

Fantasy had a black leopard colt in 2019 and has been bred back to Magic for a 2020 foal.


SBMF Sheza Sensation aka Sophie

Southern Breezes Sheza Sensation aka Sophie


Sire:  Hairicanes Orion I See Spots
Dam: Hairicane Daisy Dukes

Sophie is a beautiful refined Bay Leopard Mare with movement, conformation and temperment we all look for. She is a Reserve National Champion and retired after 2 show seasons only being defeated by one horse.  

She has been producing show foals and is currently bred to Cash for a 2020 foal.


 CCMF Piano Mans Serenade aka Sera


Sera is a lovely Black Roaning Snowflake Appaloosa. She has a black and white spots on her back, shoulders, and on her fetlocks. Another couple years she will have more color all over. She is as sweet as she is beautiful.  With the pedigree this beauty has we have high hopes.

Her test results are: LP/N and N/PATN1 - 1 copy of PATN1, 50% of offspring will inherit the modifier mutation.*

Sire:   3X World Champion Alliance Piano Man

Dam:  CCMF Crystal Carousel 

Serenade had a 2019 filly and is currently open for 2020.


A Model Poison Ivy



Ivy is a lovely, black leopard mare that has correct conformation, good bite, nice length of neck, wonderful genetics. 

Her test results are :  LP/N and PATN1/PATN1 which means she will pass on her LP gene 50% of the time to her foals and her PATN1 gene 100% of the time to her foals.

Ivy is open for 2020.


AMHA:  SBMF Moonlight Mischief

AMHR: Southern Breezes Moonlight Mischief


Missy is a refined roaning black appaloosa sired by two Black Leopards. She is refined, lovely and well bred. Her first two foals were  black fewspots. Looking forward to her next foal. Missy's GD is an overo so the foal may be incredibly colored.

Sire:  Hairicane Appsolute Power

Dam:  Mardi Gras Order of Black Jewels

Missy is currently open.

For Sale

CCMF Bucks Bolero aka Buffy


Buffy is a gorgeous Bay Sabino with lots of chrome. She is a retired show mare with Supremes and many high placements to her credit. She is a mare with a neck that she can bend in half, great bite, straight legs, and on and on. Add excellent brood mare. She is exactly what I wanted in my program of top mares.

Sire:  Magic Mans Top Buck

Dam: Lilliput Acres Miraculous Alex

For Sale

SBMF Sheez My Baby aka Noelle

Southern Breezes Sheez My Baby aka Noelle



Noelle is a story unto herself. She is a miracle baby that many may remember. She is a Hennessey Hawk Granddaughter, correct and very typy.

Noelle is still a maiden and is open for 2020 yet will be bred for 2021.

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