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I shall start by letting you know EVERY animal on my farm is for sale. Not all will be acceptable prices to the average buyer. I do not really breed for the average buyer yet at times there are really good prices available. My most sought after horses are for sale. They will be priced according to their value to me. The market is a very fickle thing and I do not make a practice of being swayed by market conditions. My animals cost me the same regardless of what you are willing to pay so if I politely decline an offer do not feel bad. At the same time I must say I will consider all offers on my horses so do not be hesitant to make an offer. PM me on Facebook under Sandy Agee in Howey In the Hills, FL or email me at Please note Inquiry or Offer in the Subject line so I don't just delete the email.

The 2019 Foals are here and selling. Go see them in the 2019 Foals Link. There are a couple fillies left.

Keep checking for new photo albums under my name on Facebook. This website isn't always up to date.

For Current sales please message me on Facebook under Sandy Agee or email me at Please put Sales Inquiry in the Subject line so it doesn't get deleted. 

I have added a small Pinto Program and will have some pinto foals in 2021.

I have also added a small AMHR/ASPC Program and they have their own link now. 

There will be foals for sale in the Shetland Program in 2021.

The FB sales album is not always up to date. Contacting me directly is best.  All animals on this web site are listed as For Sale or NFS . If you see a horse on my website that is not listed for sale do not hesitate to make me a offer. I might be inclined to sell any horse. Not all my horses are on this website so I may have some you do not see.

Please email me @ with Inquiry on Mini in the subject line and I will get back to you.


When looking for pedigree information on my animals note the following:

AMHA ~ My farm is SBMF so Sophie would be SBMF Sheza Sensation in their Studbook.

AMHR ~ My farm is Southern Breezes so Sophie would be Southern Breezes Sheza Sensation in the R   Studbook. 





*All reasonable offers will be considered!

*A 25% deposit is required on all purchases. Contracts are used on ALL sales. This protects both of us. I will no longer sell without a contract even to my best of friends. Contracts not signed by buyer will be void after 30 days.

Deposits are non-refundable, but may be applied toward the purchase of another horse.

*Coggins and Health Certificates are the responsibility of the buyer on animals 1000.00 and under.

*I will pay for Coggins and Health Certificates on animals over 1000.00 with some exceptions.

*If International Paperwork is necessary the buyer will pay for the difference between US fees and International fees.

*If my Vet has to fill out paperwork for your Insurance Company you will be charged whatever my vet charges me for the additional time needed for the extensive examination. Normal Health checks for a Health Certificate is NOT extensive and so time consuming and is at my cost. 

*We accept Cash, Bank Transfers, Personal Checks, Paypal (Add 4%) and Bank Cashiers Checks. All checks must clear before animal leaves.

*Good knowledgeable homes a must! References such as Vet will be required.

*Discounts will be offered for Multiple Horse Purchases-Show Homes-& International Buyers*

* Payment plans may be available for approved buyers on horses over $1500. No animal leaves my farm before they are fully paid for. No papers are transferred before the check has cleared the bank. I happily transfer them at that time. All payment plans will be short term.

*Transport credits given on animals going to homes over 800 miles from my farm.

DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change. Southern Breezes Miniature Farm reserves the right to refuse sale to any party for any reason at any time.


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