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 Panda ~ 2015 ~  4 yr old

Panda is a Panda Bull, 42 inches tall.

He is very sweet natured and will follow you anywhere with a bucket. He is a proven sire of 15 very small heifer calves with only one of them being a solid.

If you are looking to add some color and produce small calves- this is your boy.

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Chloe ~ 2013 ~ 6 years old  

Purebred Panda cow, unregistered, 47 inches - mid size miniature.

Her mom is a belted Galloway - dad was a Panda.

Calved 2/17/2013.

Ecellent Mother Cow

Delivered a Aberdeen Moderator Bull Calf from Renee Eckum's registered purebred baldy Aberdeen/Lowline bull Ricochet on Easter 2019 and is rebred to my Panda bull for a 2020 calf.

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JULES ~ 2013 ~ 6 years old.

Belted Galloway Cow, 45 inches.

Jules is a very good mother. Has had several calves, two of which are pandas while she was with her previous owner. 

She had a panda heifer (October 2018) for me shortly after buying her and that heifer is loved and spoiled by Lyndsey Grove now. 

She is bred to Panda again and should have that calf June 2020.

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Moo Baby ~ 2016 ~ 3 years old


MooBaby is a Mini Hereford/Lowline Bred Black Baldy Cow ~ 38 inches

She is sweet natured and likes head scratches and to be fed by hand too. 

She is waiting on her calf from Panda any day now. She will be rebred shortly after. 

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Dash ~ Panda Colored Aberdeen Moderator Plus Bull Calf

Born April 21st, 2019

This handsome little fella is still at his Mom's (Chloe) side and will be until weaning this fall. 

Buy him intact for your pasture bull or buy him with his Mom now and get a 3 N 1. Mom has been rebred to a Panda bull (above).  This little boy will add color to your herd. 

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