Miniature Cattle



 We will be concentrating on Mini and Micro Mini now. Please email me at to be on the waiting list for Micro Minis and true Minis. Please put Inquiry on Mini Cows in Subject Line.


Mini Highland/Sundog /Dexter/White Park Mix of all in his pedigree All generations as I know of for 3 back are 37.5” or less.

DOB: September 9th, 2021

Mom is 36.5” tall.

Dad is Slice Farms spotted 37.5” tall beefy boy, Mr. Big! 


This is a Micro Mini Heifer - so little.

DOB: March 2020

38 inches tall ~ 2 yrs and 2 months 



Moo Baby is 2017 nice little Low Line Cow.

She is mature and 38/39 inches.

She is an excellent mother and had 3 calves.

Bred to Leo for a 2023 calf.

For Sale - $ 1500.00

Agee # 1 - 2018 -  Heifer - Angus/LowLine 

She is 40 inches tall.

Delivered a black bull calf, Sept. 12th, 2022.

Exposed to bull again. This is a really nice mini cow. For Sale - $ 1200. for the pair.

Agee # 2 - 2018  Low Line/Angus/Highland

She is mature and  39 inches tall.

Exposed to Leo, my White Park bull.

For Sale $ 800.00


Tiny Lowline/Panda Cross Bull Calf

DOB: 12-15-2021

For Sale - $ 700.00

Weebaby 2 is now a steer. Weaning in May 2022.

Ready for your youth or feeding out.

For Sale - $ 700.00

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