Southern Breezes Miniature Farm


The Leopards

AMHA/AMHR/FB Toyland Micro Magic

Sire:  Toyland Micro Chip

Dam: Toyland Velvetera

Test Results:  LP/N and PATN1/N

Height: 30 inches

Private Treaty


AMHA: SBMF Great Expectations aka Looker -

AMHA 2019 Multi-Color Champion Stallion, Under

AMHR: Southern Breezes Great Expectations 

Sire: Toylands Micro Magic

Dam: Fabaloosa Appaloosa Fantasy Luv - 

AMHR 2013 Multi-Color Mare, Under

Test Results: LP/N & PATN1/PATN1

Height: 32.50 inches

Private Treaty

AMHA/AMHR:  CCMF Piano Mans Omega aka Omega

Sire: Alliance Piano Man, a 3X World Multi-Color Champion Stallion

Dam: CCMF Carousel Princess, Top 10  

Test Results:  LP/N & PATN1/N

Height: 33 inches

Private Treaty

AMHA: SBMF Cashing In aka Dealer

AMHR: Southern Breezes Cashing In aka Dealer

Sire: CCMF Cash The Check aka Cash

Dam: CCMF Piano Mans Serenade sired by Alliance Piano Man, a 3X World Multi-Color Champion Stallion.

Test Results:  LP/N and PATN1/N

Height: 31.50 inches

Private Treaty

AMHA/AMHR: Pleasant Views Simply Irresistible

2014 AMHR National Multi-Color Champion Stallion

2015 AMHR Res. National Multi-Color Champion Stallion

Sire: JNRS Medicine Man

Dam: Cheyanna

Test Results: LP/N and PATN1/N

Height: 33.50 inches

Private Treaty

AMHA/AMHR: Happy Times Keepers Spartan

Sire: 4W Starkeeper

Dam:  Gander Hill Babee Spice

Test Results: NO LP & PATN1/PATN1

Height: 32.25

Note: This boy has ONLY produced leopards. Some are suppressed leopards/near leopards and we have even had a reverse leopard, yet the Phenotype are all Leopards...........LP/N and PATN1/N or PATN1/PATN1 according to the contribution from the mare. You must know what to breed him to or you can't make such a statement. He will not produce leopards bred to just any ole appaloosa.

He has a difficult to find Appy Genetic makeup. He is worth his weight in gold.


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